About Us

Weirwood Sereniscapes was founded by Joshua and Jennifer Writz in mid 2017.

Married January 2004, high school sweethearts Jennifer and Joshua started their adventures into parenthood in April 2005. In 2015 they gave birth to the 6th member of their beautiful family. At 33 years of age Josh and Jennifer decided it was time to tackle one more hurdle, starting a family-owned local business. Tree stump removal seemed like a no-brainer for Joshua as he’s spent a few years in the tree service industry and has two older brothers also doing tree work. Arboriculture seems to just run in the family.

Growing up in rural central Wisconsin they both moved to Arizona after graduation in 2003 to experience more than Wisconsin could provide them. Thirteen years, 3 children, 2 dogs and 1 house later Joshua got laid off from his full time job. The family chose this time to return to their birth place in central Wisconsin to let their children spend more time with family they otherwise saw maybe once a year and also gave birth to their 4th child. Two years in, despite outstanding time spent with family, they started to feel home sick…the West was their home now. Once again they moved back West but this time to Colorado.

They promised their kids that this would be the last time they move. Loveland, CO is now their forever home.