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Why Should You Bother Getting a Tree Stump Removed?

If you have intrusive, dead, or dangerous trees on your property, you may think your job is done after you cut them down. But what about the stump that’s left over?

Tree stumps can be an eyesore for your family and your neighbors. Not to mention, they can also be dangerous. So, how do you get rid of these pesky stumps?

Tree stump removal is the perfect way to eliminate unsightly and dangerous stumps. Want to know more? Keep reading to learn more about why should bother getting a tree stump removed.

What Is Tree Stump Removal?

Tree stump removal is the process of completely eradicating what’s left of a tree after it has been cut down. This can mean simply eliminating the stump down to the ground, or completely removing the root system below as well.

Stump removal can happen through a few different processes. These are the most common methods:

Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate is a natural source of nitrate that is used in food preservatives, fireworks, propellants, fertilizers, and (you guessed it) tree stump removal. When used for stump removal, it’s usually found in a powder form.

If you place the powder into drilled holes in a tree stump, then fill the holes with water, the potassium nitrate will speed up the decaying process. Although effective, this process can take weeks to work.

Using a Tree Stump Grinder

A stump grinder, also known as a stump cutter, is a powerful tool that chips away at the wood of a tree stump by using a rotating cutting disc with carbide teeth. They can be as small as a vacuum or as large as an automobile. Using the wrong size will result in hours of unnecessary work.

Stump grinders spit out their refuse in the form of ground-up wood chips. These chips are great to use as mulch.

Good Old-Fashioned Digging

It is possible to remove a tree stump by digging it up with a shovel, although it would take quite a bit of brute strength. In order to destroy the stump with a shovel, you would need to cut the stump and roots apart into manageable bits. Depending on the size of the stump and the expanse of the roots, this method may be impossible.

Why Is Stump Removal Necessary?

So, what’s the point of removing a tree stump on your property? Let’s find out.

Property Value and Appearance

The appearance of your home and land, otherwise known as its “curb appeal”, can increase your property’s value. Eyesores like stumps can detract from this value.

So, if you’re thinking of selling your home, or you’re at all concerned with your property’s appearance, stump removal is a great idea. Your neighbors will thank you!

Protection from Harm

Think that old tree stump in your yard isn’t causing any harm? Think again.

Not only could it potentially damage your lawn mower, you or your child could also trip over it (or its roots) and fall. Additionally, if a person outside of your family becomes injured due to a stump on your property, you could be held liable. Stump grinding or full removal are the only ways to ensure complete protection.


Simply said, tree stumps take up space that could be filled with an area for kids to play, a swimming pool, flowers, grass, or even new trees. Take full advantage of your property’s space by clearing out these old stumps.


There are few things that attract insect infestations better than a rotting tree stump. After all, many insects feed on rotting wood to survive.

They will also use the decaying wood as a place to lay and hatch their eggs. Remove tree stumps quickly to avoid infestations of ants, termites, spiders, and more.

Why You Should Call in the Pros for Tree Stump Removal

Although it may be tempting to try to remove the tree stumps on your property yourself, that can be a costly and dangerous mistake. Here’s why you should call your local professional.


No matter which way you choose to remove the stumps on your land, there are potential dangers if you’re not a pro. By hiring the real deal, you’re ensuring the safety of yourself and your family.


Although removing your own tree stumps may seem like smart, money-saving move, did you know that it can actually cost you more in the long run? That’s because purchasing the necessary equipment or repairing accidental damages will set you back far more than hiring a professional stump removal service.


So, should you use a stump grinder to remove your pesky stumps? What about a root grinder? Not sure?

If you’re uncertain of exactly how to safely remove the stumps on your property, it’s imperative that you hire a professional service. Trained workers will be able to correctly examine your particular case and make a secure plan.

Equipment and Cleanup

As we know, the equipment necessary to safely remove a stump is expensive. It’s also not always easy to come by.

Local professionals will have access to all the right equipment for your stump removal needs. Plus, they’ll know how to use it!

They’ll also have the right equipment necessary for cleaning things up after the removal process. Removing tree stumps can leave quite a mess and having someone there to complete the process from start to finish will make your life much easier.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, tree stump removal makes your property more attractive and safer for you and those around you. After all, an old stump can attract insect infestations, as well as pose a physical threat to your family and neighbors.

However, stump removal is no simple task! It requires expensive machinery, years of experience, and tons of knowledge to accomplish safely. For this reason, it’s best to call in the professionals for all of your tree stump removal needs.

Do you have any questions or comments, or would you like to know more about our services? Feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to help!

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